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I like Hetalia what can you say, I'm Lil Wang.
Expect lots of RoChu and other hetalia related things.

You're so hot I can fry my rice on you.

Let's eat some fuckin' spaghetti.

ASU had little sunflowers— #brandino #brandiong I kind of had to cause Ivan Braginsky.

Went out made a cute outfit. #brandino #brandiong #outfits #fashion #kindofchic

Going to share this here because I had lots of fun on day one in my uniform! #brandiong #hetalia #aphchina #aphcosplay #cosplay #ax #animeexpo14 

If you guys have any pictures of me please link meeeeeeee!!!

Find me a cute Chinese boy and then we can talk about my direction. We can be Yao together.

Downtown art scene aru.
#brandino #streetart






(Hey guys— sinclair2013/ chibisin and I are opening up a table at Taiyoucon 2015! We have the money for the table but we are looking to buy a hotel room since the con is about 2 hours away from us. The con also moved locations so it’s even farther. So to save gas and money we would like to get the hotel room.

We are also splitting the cost so it’s just about $175 each.

Like it says above- we are hoping to get $350 all together.


I will draw your ships so if you are interested in a couple anything I can make it really cute u v u

Chibis/ ponies-

Single: $5

Couple: $10


Single: $10

Couple: $15

Half body-

Single: $20

Couple: $25

My paypal email is: ArttyNeko@gmail.com

If you would like to donate please feel free!


(It’s 3:45 am— this is what I get for sleeping till 12 yesterday—

I’ll just work on my dragon horns…)

(I ended up staying up until 5 watching Dramatical Murder… I’M STILL SO CONFUSED BUT REN’S VOICE—)

(I’m gonna try to cosplay aph Hong Kong u v u)

(Why am I still awake…)

Cosplay blog shit but still— I’m willing to draw ponies again— giving it another shot…

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The Allies!

So this is somewhat inspired by the country’s past fashion and what not and I decided to give them different hairstyles too and I also bet France liked woman’s hair styles back in the day so there is that. So yeah I’ll do the Axis next and then maybe the Nordics and then maybe the goddamn easter bunny ‘cause that’s probably how long it’s going to take :T

and p.s I want to forever draw China’s hair down because hot damn

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You know… it's been forever since I've seen you and Lusty. Does the name Tinker Tock ring any bells to you? Sincerely, askthetockclan

Oh jeez how long has this question been on here— YES FRIEND I DO REMEMBER YOU!! Hi!! I haven’t been on the main in a while so—

Ugh... You're so cute... Sincerely, nasthama

Thanks o u o !!

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1. I’m awesome
2. I’m pretty much aph China
3. China take all so everyone can go home now.
4. Suck ball I’m awesome
5. I’m China

Sorry for the neglect. Have a double rainbow. It rained a shit ton.